Reality Modeling WorkSuite

Reality Modeling WorkSuite

Create, share, and consume high quality 3D models

Generate, edit, and share engineering-ready 3D meshes from images and/or point clouds. The Reality Modeling WorkSuite offerings add reliable, up-to-date reality data to all your projects with Bentley's reality modeling software ContextCapture, Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction, and Pointools.

  • Create, share and consume with one solution
  • Generate engineering-ready geometrical models
  • Produce 3D meshes with high quality texture
  • Automate 3D mesh generation workflow
Bentley Pointools

Bentley Pointools

Point cloud processing software

Bentley Pointools supports the viewing, animation, and editing of point clouds in stand-alone workflows, enabling the intuitive cleanup and preparation of point clouds for easy reuse in downstream applications.

  • Process, visualize, view and annotate point clouds
  • Edit point clouds
  • Detect clashes from point clouds
  • Produce animations, videos, and fly-throughs
Bentley Descartes

Bentley Descartes

Reality modeling data processing software

Bentley Descartes is a reality modeling data processing software that enables you to integrate point clouds, reality meshes, scalable terrain models, and raster imagery into your infrastructure workflows.

  • Work with all data types, regardless of size, in a single product
  • Extract ground and breaklines from reality meshes and point clouds
  • Use advanced modeling, clipping, and sectioning tools to create 3D models
  • Produce animations and renderings for presentations

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