Integrated offshore simulation software

MOSES helps you conquer the complexity of marine operations with integrated offshore simulation software. Different versions of this advanced hydrostatic and hydrodynamic software enable you to choose one that aligns with your needs.

  • Automate performance analysis
  • Model offshore vessels and platforms
  • Simulate marine operations
OpenWindPower Fixed Foundation

OpenWindPower Fixed Foundation

Offshore wind turbine analysis software

Explore design alternatives, predict performance and deliver safe, cost-effective offshore wind farm structures with OpenWindPower

  • Design offshore wind turbines
  • Analyze wave and wind loading
  • Perform coupled or uncoupled analysis
  • Predict stress cycles with fatigue analysis
  • Ensure offshore code compliance
SACS Collapse

SACS Collapse

Offshore collapse analysis software

Identify failure mechanisms from a range of dynamic events including pushover, ship impact, dropped object, and blast analysis.

  • Automate offshore structural workflows
  • Perform multi-linear elasto-plastic analysis
  • Perform offshore collapse analysis
SACS Fatigue

SACS Fatigue

Fatigue life evaluation and redesign software

Reduce offshore structural failure risk and get detailed fatigue life calculations.

  • Assess dynamic response with spectral and time history analysis
  • Automate offshore structural workflows
  • Calculate fatigue life
  • Redesign structures with fatigue data
SACS Offshore Structure

SACS Offshore Structure

Offshore structural analysis software

SACS Offshore Structure helps improve the design and analysis of all types of offshore structures using SACS integrated, offshore-specific capabilities. Three versions allow you to choose the one the best aligns with your needs.

  • Analyze offshore structures
  • Automate offshore structural workflows
  • Ensure compliance to offshore design codes
SACS Pile Structure Design

SACS Pile Structure Design

Pile structure interaction design software

Reduce risk of failure for offshore structure foundations with non-linear soil/pile interaction analysis.

  • Automate offshore structural workflows
  • Calculate soil liquefaction
  • Model foundations using super elements
  • Model soil strata and properties

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