Communication tower analysis and design software

Designing and analyzing communication towers without the right software for the job makes things harder than they need to be. With OpenTower you can efficiently design, model, and visualize communication towers. With both graphical and text-based definitions of tower structures, you can design and complete projects faster than ever.

  • Design towers, connections, and foundations
  • Create realistic graphics with precision 
  • Configure and customize libraries 
  • Perform advanced analysis 
OpenTower Mount Analysis

OpenTower Mount Analysis

Communication tower mount analysis software

Mount analysis professionals have had to make do with general-purpose structural analysis software and develop internal spreadsheet tools for loading generation. It has led to discrete workflow, excess modeling time, and overly conservative designs. OpenTower Mount Analysis brings you the first purpose-built mount analysis solution on the market. Realistic 3D graphics, antenna/mount databases, and a wind load generator are just some of the advantages guaranteed to shave unnecessary man-hours and make for the most economical designs.

  • Generate sector frames, platforms, T-arms, and more from a vast library of mounts
  • Auto-generate loadings and load combinations
  • Leverage intuitive mount modification tools and real-life graphics
  • Create professional mount-specific reports

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