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What is OpenTower iQ?

OpenTower iQ creates a digital twin of your communication tower to provide real-time intelligence for planning, visualization, and inspection.

With OpenTower iQ, you have the power of a digital twin at your fingertips so you can stay fully informed, increase negotiating power and make better informed decisions.

  • Create, maintain, and augment your digital twin and compare as-built towers with your asset management system
  • Monitor tower health and share data through an easy-to-understand portal
  • Make informed decisions to support your business model
  • Quickly turn around designs and design modifications for clients using predictive analysis
  • Leverage more insights to improve negotiations and provide scenario-based leasing options
  • Save time, eliminate frustration, and improve visibility all at an affordable cost

Owners can increase asset performance and reduce costs by quickly accessing, accurate, and easy to understand information required for everyday tower operations. Build your digital twins by combining engineering information from 3D models and your database. 


Expert services and tailored training, when and where you need it.

At Virtuosity, we understand how important it is to get the most out of every working moment. You need to limit downtime, and use each software application to its fullest potential.  There is just no time to spare. That's why every software purchase through Virtuosity comes as a bundle with “Keys” or credits that can be redeemed for expert services and training, so you can get started right away. Learn more about our training options.

We call this bundle the Virtuoso Subscription

Each practitioner license comes with a number of "Keys" and you can always purchase additional "Keys" as you go. 

There is a menu of expert services and training options that you can redeem your "Keys" for:


(Training Credits)


Quick start training
Virtual classroom training is a great way to quick-start your success.
1 key 2 hours
Recorded online sessions
OnDemand sessions can be very helpful and convenient.  They include information on the latest software, workflows, and systems.
1 key 2 hours
Standard training
Standard training offers a thorough understanding of general features, workflows and tools of the application.
1 key 4 hours
Customized training
With tailored training you can set your own agenda for training and get something to suit your specific requirements. 
1 key 2 hours
If you have a challenging or unique project, you may choose to expand your team with one of our experts.
1 key 2 hours
Get one-on-one mentoring from a product expert. Choose from a variety of topics including design, analysis, and modeling techniques.
1 key 2 hours


  • Create a visual representation of the tower by combing a reality mesh with the digital engineering models.
  • View dashboards and create filtered information views based on operational information such as operating status or inspection dates.
  • Maintain a view that captures how, when, and by whom the digital twin was changed and determine the impact of any change to ongoing operations.
  • Conduct automated infrastructure Inspection & inventory including automated asset condition evaluation, and automated AI for equipment identification and classification.
  • Save time with end to end telco functionalities for inspection, inventory, planning, site design, and wind load analysis to mitigate risks and uncertainties.
  • Gain insights for actionable outputs that boost operational efficiency and revenue assurance with data and predictive analytics.

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The flexibility of a single model to check scenarios is one of the greatest advantages of OpenTower. It allows us to provide our clients as much feedback as possible to promote a long-term relationship.

Matthew K. Lackey, P.E., Charlotte Structural Division Manager, Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc.